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Letsfit Smart Watch, IW2

Regular price $56.99

• Clever design anyone falls for, sharp 1.55“ screen you'll love to have on your wrist.
• 10 in-built sports programs allow you to dive into your workouts. You know more, you love more.
• Monitors your SpO2, heart rate, and sleep, just wear it and tap a few, you'll get better insights into your fitness and health.
• Go swimming with it! 5ATM waterproof nano-coating makes sure your watch is well protected under water.
• Includes music control, smart notifications, breath training, weather forecasting, and more.
Model No.:  IW2
Sync:  Bluetooth 5.0
Screen:  1.55"" TFT LCD
Battery Capacity:  260mAh
Working Voltage:  5V-500mA
Working Temperature:  0℃ to 45℃
Weight:  1.34oz (38g)
Waterproof Rating:  5ATM
Working Time:  about 10 days
iw2 waterproof smartwatch

Fitness. Made bigger, brighter, and clearer.

With our brand-new, huge 1.55-inch high-definition screen, all your fitness data is now brighter and more vivid than ever. Easily check your workout details with just a glance.

iw2 waterproof smartwatch

Blood, sweat, but no tears.

SpO2 (oxygen saturation level) indicates how well your body is absorbing oxygen, and how much oxygen is delivered to your blood, which is a vital index of your health condition. Letsfit IW2 allows you to measure your SpO2 level with ease, giving you deeper insights into your fitness and health.

iw2 waterproof smartwatch

Know whenever your heart misses a beat.

Letsfit lW2 Smart Watch monitors your heart rate 24/7, which is an essential indicator for your workout intensity and cardio health.

iw2 waterproof smartwatch

Accurately tracks up to 10 sports modes.

Your workout details will be accurately tracked and displayed via your smartwatch and you can easily check your heart rate zone range at a glance when exercising, letting you know when you are able to push yourself a bit more.

iw2 waterproof smartwatch

Feel free to brave the elements.

Nothing should get in your way on your fitness journey, especially not bad weather. With a 5ATM waterproof nano-coating, your IW2 Smart Watch is well protected against splashes, sprinkles, sprays, splatters, spills, and everything in between.

iw2 waterproof smartwatch

Keep an eye on your sleep, even when you're asleep.

You spend 1/3 of your day sleeping and sleep plays an important role in your wellness. Easily record your sleep in detail with Letsfit IW2 Smart Watch, and get a breakdown of your sleep quality on our Letsfit app.

iw2 waterproof smartwatch

A dedicated app help you unlock your full potential.

Find all your fitness data, health breakdown, visualized analyses, and many more functions right here on our Letsfit app.

Your smartwatch, your style.

Choose from 7 beautiful colors, multiple watch faces,
and a ton of customizable watch faces to help personalize
your smartwatch and make it your own.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Joanne Mauldin
Awesome watch

I think this is a great watch! I really like the sleeping part, since I’m a restless sleeper!
I have improved my sleep patterns and getting a better deep sleep! Also like my the measurements of my steps and all the other devices it offers! Thank you!

Great watch for almost any purpose

I was a little worried seeing the price but this watch is honestly great! I like the setup with swiping to change through screens, and all the different watch faces are great. At first the vibrate would catch me off guard a little but I really like it now. I would 100% recommend!

Christopher Burdett
Very nearly everything

I must admit I bought this watch for two reasons. First, the ability to read blood oxygen levels and second the price. The watch is very comfortable to wear and I really liked the strap retainer with a little lug so the strap end is kept stowed away. The software loaded onto my phone easily and set up was a breeze. I contacted these folk about being unable to store blood oxygen levels on my phone. I received a speedy response and hopefully this can be rectified with a software update in the future, making this watch a FIVE star product. Oh, and before I forget....the battery life is great.

Sam Akins

Very nice watch, I really like the quality of the watch it has weight to it and it’s not super light and cheapy feeling. There are a few things that are missing for me though, in the app I wish you could change kilocalories to just calories. I also wish that there was a compass that would be awesome! I really like the screen on the watch and how its super responsive. There is no lag or latency when swiping on the watch screen. I wish the raise to wake was a little faster but it’s definitely better than the “ID205L.” I also wish that there was a weather widget on the watch that would be so helpful. The last thing is I wish the Music Control was easier to get to, a swipe to the right or something.

Other than those few things that probably can be fixed with a update. The watch is super good for $56.99!


Khandie Apple
nOT as good as apple watch, but price is ok

Calories count likely less acurate than my wife s apple watch before I upgrade my firmware