You know, you really shouldn't turn on the light during the daytime.                    But who can blame you, it looks great!

Letsfit Portable Sound Machine, T2

Your intimate company, takes care of you and your sleep, home or traveling.

would you like a sound massage


Take a warm bath, have a nice tea, and doze off with a peaceful sound. They love you, but they don't notice what you need. At the very least, you deserve this sound massage. We love our product, but we want you to love yourself more.

You might want some company


During the day, you need help with anxiety and stress. During the break, you'll love the sound of silence and waves. During the night, the crickets might remind you of your life in the countryside.

It’s like a charger for you


We have our low battery times that required a decent break without worries. We have our sleepless nights that long for a calming mind without anxiety. White noise machines can help with such conditions as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, and sleep disorders, especially with the sound you would enjoy.

A Full-Featured Sound Machine


If you want to try one and have no idea what kind you're looking for, this one that can do it all might be the one for you. Warm, adjustable night-light, timer functions and memory features.

Smart home, smart life


Every home needs a few smart gadgets, especially when they have full-touch transparent buttons. Level 4 of volume is not enough? Level 5 of volume is too loud? Then how about 32 Levels of Volume! I know you always want more, and I'm willing to offer.

a cute little round thing


Want an alarm? A noise machine? A clock? Then here it is. Three for one white noise machine, with 7 adjustable nightlights and 20 non-looping soothing sounds. Although the snooze button is right on top that it probably can't wake you up. that you're here, you sure don't want to pick one home?

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