Fitness Smart Watch with Advanced Sensor
iw1 smart watch heart rate
monitor your blood Oxygen and sleep
iw1 smart watch with GPS connectivity
iw1 smart watch
iw1 smart watch long battery life
letsfit iw1 smart watch
Fitness Smart Watch with Advanced Sensor
Fitness Smart Watch with Advanced Sensor
Fitness Smart Watch with Advanced Sensor
Fitness Smart Watch with Advanced Sensor
Fitness Smart Watch with Advanced Sensor
Fitness Smart Watch with Advanced Sensor

Fitness Smart Watch with Advanced Sensor

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Best Budget Smart Watch that packs a punch. It comes with a MOST ADVANCED SENSOR.

• State-of-the-art sensors track your steps, heart rate, distance traveled, and more, more accurately.
• Auto-track your sleep and SpO2 throughout the night, keep tabs on your fitness and health.
• 14 sports programs track your workout accurately, provide stats panel to help you hit your fitness goal.
• Smart notifications keep you well informed, free your phone from your hand but never miss anything important.
• Only need to charge 2 times/month for average use, you feel battery lasts forever.
• Music control, timer, alarm clocks, sedentary reminders, and many more features packed in a decent smart watch, but only at a fraction of the price.
Model No.:  IW1
Sync:  Bluetooth 5.0
Screen:  1.4"" TFT LCD
Battery Capacity:  250mAh
Working Voltage:  5V-500Ma
Working Temperature:  -10℃ to 40℃
Weight:  1.2oz (34g)
Waterproof Rating:  IP68
Working Time:  5-7 days
Built with an even more advanced sensorIWI smart watch can now help you understandhow well your body is absorbing oxygen, or what we call Spo2 throughout the nightwhen you sleep or even during the day.
Get to know your real time heart rate, resting heart rateheart rate zone during workouts quickly and easily withintuitive heart rate warnings that can let you know if andwhen you step outside of your usual heart rate range.
Sleep plays a huge role in your health . Iwl understands its significance and tells you more about your sleepWith Sleep Schedules that can promote good health by helping you build regular sleeping habits.
iw1 smartwatch
IW1 comes with 14 sport modes to help youunderstand your workouts better, and to geta better representation of what is happeningduring your exercise routines.
letsfit iw1 smartwatch
Go on a wild workout in the rain, sweat to your hearts desire. It doesnt matter what you do, even if your watch gets submerged in water, IW1 is protected at all times thanks to a waterproof nano-coating that stops water and keeps your device in tip-top shape at all times.
iw1 smartwatch

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I needed to know my steps, sleep pattern,heart rate, when I have calls or text, but will use my phone to answer calls and text. This watch works perfectly for my needs.

Good product for the money

I did not want to spend a ton of money on a high-end smart watch, so was looking for a decent one with the most important features. This one has it all - activity tracking, heart rate tracking, daily activity, sleep data, blood oxygen, syncing with your phone and more controls for playing music etc. I have been using activity tracker and heart rate every day since I got it a couple of weeks ago and I am very satisfied with the performance of this watch. It is well designed, has most functions the majority of people look for and works well for my requirements. Even more, it is very affordable and that makes it accessible for many people to start taking control of their health and exercise activities.

Nice smart watch for the amazing price.

My Fitbit died after only a year and a half and I didn’t want to spend a crap load of money for another one. Got into this one and I really liked the design and price.
Been using this watch everyday for a weeks now and this watch has exceeded all my expectations and has become my daily fitness watch.
--User friendly - The apps is easy to manage and set. Easy Pairing the watch by scan the QR code.
--Has blood oxygen saturation and heart rate feature. This is a great feature, when I am overdoing things I can check my oxygen level and my heart rate to see if I need to slow down and take a rest .
--Has sleep tracker feature. I like the sleep tracking as I only get a little more then 7 hours but I can see how much deep sleep I had.
--Messages and phone calls come through great. I get to glance down and decide if I need to get my phone to answer right now or ignore for later.
-- Customizable watch face. I can choose my own photo. It is fun.
All in all I would absolutely, without a doubt recommend this watch to anyone looking for an affordable, yet feature packed smart watch!

Pretty much does almost everything an apple watch can but cheaper.

You can pair this with your phone to get notifications, see incoming calls, track fitness, steps, heart rate.
The screen is very simple and bright/clear to use with your daily needs.
The battery so far is phenomenal, lightweight and offers a variety of colors and bands.
Definitely worth getting without worrying about the cost. You can pretty much have an apple watch, without the "cost."

Scott Snider
I've spent a week with the IW1 and have only charged it one time!

This watch excels for SpO2 blood oxygen monitoring during sleep and this feature is worth the price alone.
I like not having to worry about taking it off for showers, swimming, beach time, etc.
One area I'd like to see improved is storage capacity. I'd like to be able to store music on the watch and use my Letsfit bluetooth headphones to listen to the music while I cut the grass (without having to also carry my phone with me).
This watch is easily worth its price!