Letsfit White Noise Machine with Night Light, TP1
white noise machine with adjustment 7 color night light
white noise machine with 30 soothing sleep sounds
white noise machine with full touch bottons that you can easily adjustable night light
turn off the light regulary to heip your family sleep well
letsfit white noise machine increase parent-child interaction under warm light
the warm light and soothing sounds for better sleep

Letsfit White Noise Machine with Night Light, TP1

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• Includes 30 soothing sound to ensure there's a sound for you
• Adjustable Night-light and ambient lights give you the light you want
• Timer function offers customizable duration of your sounds
• Memory functions save your last settings every time you turn your device on
• Covers background noise and soothes you. Touch panel offers intuitive control of sounds and light
• Plug in-ONLY
Model No.:  TP1
Audio Output:  3W
Light Power:  1.5W
Adapter Input:  100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Adapter Output:  5V 1A
Dimension:  116 × 116 × 63mm

Customer Reviews

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ron crump
Lefshit White Noise Machine with Night Lifht, TP1

So good that I've bought 2. One for home and one for travel.

love it

I really love this little machine! It has a good veriety of sounds that I find nice and relaxing, and it has different color lights to suit your mood or create a different ambience. I love that it plugs into a regular outlet: no need for batteries! It makes the unit less portable, but we actually have two: one in our bedroom and one in our daughter's; the units remain stationary and plugged in, and work perfectly for us.
I love that there's there is a built-in timer, and the unit turns off automatically once the time is up.
The controls are easily accessible and are intuitive to operate.
I am very pleased with this little machine: I got one from Amazon Vine, and purchased another because we liked it so much.

Wilhelmina Zeitgeist
Really Nice Sound Machine

This sound machine has good, quality sound with a variety of sounds to choose from. There are different fans, variations of white noise, lullaby music, a train, nature sound, laundry, dryer, and more. The dryer is a good one for me to listen to when going to sleep.
I use this sound machine during the day to help me with anxiety and stress. It helps to distract me from noises from my neighbors in other apartments and from the street so I can focus on my own life. During the day I like listening to the rain with thunder, forest, and the sea waves. At night I enjoy listening to the crickets. The crickets remind me of what I would hear in the evenings and all night when I lived in the country back East in Pennsylvania.
The different colors of lights that are available are so cool. They are all vibrant and beautiful.
This is a super nice sound machine!

mark costantini
Excellent!!!! My 8 month old goes right to sleep!!!

I absolutely love this!! Wish I got sooner!! Worth every penny??

Love the ability to customize the machine.

My granddaughter loves her machine, esp. with all the choices to customize it. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that we can’t seem to turn it off during the day so we have to unplug it.